馬來西亞特派員 - Jane


“ Because one of the participant just arrived Taiwan today?! So we still need to wait for few minutes then leave from here…” said Kelly Yaxuan, who is the TaiwanTour tour guide and I hope for a funny day. From the itinerary, I will have a chance to visit three places in this trip. After I saw the brief introduction for all three places, I’m really looking forward for this journey. Although Kelly talk a lot during the way heading to the first place, which is Yang Ming Oceanic Culture&Art Museum, I think all of us got a really clear picture about this trip, know each other’s, about CSD, and the review we need to submit later.



1) Yang Ming Oceanic Culture&Art Museum:

Wow, what impressed me is the enthusiasm volunteer, who led us through the World’s Classic Dragon Boat Exhibition, gave me a good lesson about the Dragon-龍 history. I am glad to learn the traditional Chinese in Taiwan as I can experienced the beauty of Chinese character compare to the simplified Chinese I expose to in my home country, Malaysia. Furthermore, I am impressed by the stories of dragon boat masters, where there are a group of outstanding craftsmanship making delicate boats and model ships crafts by hand. Also, I love the fragrant sachets rice dumpling looking DIY session, which I could sew my sachet by such a big needle and fun enough to try it out. After all the hard work, we had our lunch just inside the museum restaurant, it’s a comfortable ocean blue place and really full set in my stomach~ Ergh..p. (Oops..excuse me)



2) Meimen Center for Arts&Ethics

Actually, I passby Meimen for so many time as my school just beside it. I thought it’s some kind of vegetarian restaurant from the outside look. Unfortunately, what I think was not true, never try never know. I am happy to enter to the center and learn about Qigong. Master Lee, who is Meimen founder devoted himself to promote the traditional Chinese philosophy of health cultivation. For the first time, I got to experience the Qi exercise – Pingshuai. It’s a simple easy learning exercise, which I’ll need to count from one to five,  swing with both arms freely, and bend your knees and dip down twice on the fifth repetition. It’s a really good exercise for nowaday sedentary lifestyle, which everyone could do it anytime and anywhere to keep themselves healthy and for a better body mind balance.



3) Wang De Chuan Fine Chinese tea shop

Chinese tea for old people? This is the five star Chinese tea experience for me. I think beside coffee culture, Chinese tea culture has its own special and also the knowledge how to brew tea with lidded teacup is important. But, how to brew a perfect cup? In addition to amount of tea leaves(tight/loose-ball shape), water temperature(75’c,85’c,95’c), steeping time, bla bla bla…what come to the last answer from tea instructor was use your heart. I feel great to learn the steps to use lidded teacup, however, it’s really hot for my index finger to hold part of the tea lid, hope that I could practice well in the future and brew tea to share with my friend. Good Chinese tea!

Last but not least, thank you so much to CSD, Kelly, Jessica, Jean, Abby, Mr.driver, friends in the trip and the good weather given by God. I was enjoy and have fun in this creative life trip.



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