越南特派員 - Stacie


It was a beautiful sunny day to travel around Keelung Taipei and discover Taiwanese culture of dragon boat, martial art and tea. We had chance to see beautiful views, taste delicious food and tea, do some exercise and learn how to have a better healthy life.



Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum


Like a giant heading to the Harbor of Keelung and witnessing all the historical events since 1915 the beautiful old building of Yang Ming Museum definitely worth a visit. We got off the bus and were welcomed by the manager and one lovely tour guide who showed us legend of dragon and beautiful models of dragon boat. Plus, you can be a captain controlling your own ship and wearing the uniform; unfortunately I made my ship crashed at the end and believe me the experience is so real thanks to the shaking floor and amazing sound. Heading down to the DIY studio, we made fragarant lucky amulet dragon boat zhongzi – Taiwanese traditional dish in dragon boat festival. The trip ended at Yang Ming fine restaurant serving one of the finest beef steak and brownie I have ever tasted. We said goodbye to our tour guide with lots of regretfulness and promised to come back again to enjoy the ocean view with boats, ships and seamen in Keelung. 



Meimen Center for Arts and Ethics


Though being located in the centre of busy Taipei, Meimen center did make me feel so peaceful by the simple yet elegant design with wooden pillars, Japanese garden, water fountain,…The best part is we were taught to do some Qi Gong called Ping Shuai Gong – easy and effective. I could feel my body and mind relaxing while doing this exercise. Life is more and more stressful and people make excuse not working out and Ping Shuai Gong would be a great solution since it could be done anywhere without any equipment still keeping your body healthy and your mind stay in peace.



Wang De Chuan Fine Chinese Tea


The name speaks for itself – Wang De Chuan one of the finest tea in the world and we were lucky to be welcomed and instructed by the tea master in their well-designed tea house. Unlike Japanese tea culture, Taiwanese style is more interesting and casual so every single one could enjoy peaceful time brought by elegant fragrance and delicious tea. It was so exciting that I succeeded to make my very first Olong Alishan tea and gain lots of knowledge how to smell, taste, prepare the teapot, set time and distinguish different kinds of tea. Drinking tea would never be the same to me, it becomes much more meaningful with quiet time of relaxation; and I would certainly keep this healthy habit – enjoying tea time very often after those great lessons.


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